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Aquarius AFG
Webb Chapel Church of Christ
13425 Webb Chapel Road
Dallas, TX 75234

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07:30 PM
Combined Virtual/In Person
07:30 PM

Directions: The church is located on the east side of Webb Chapel Road, north of Valley View Lane, and south of Longmeade Drive. The meeting room is behind the main church.

Upon arriving at the church, pull around to the back side (east side) and park close to the building in the back (north as you circle behind the church). Signs will direct you to the meeting room which is located behind the building where you parked and between this back building and the main church. If there are no signs, take the sidewalk to the right between the two buildings. The meeting room is in the second building and the entrance is on the left.

NOTE: Families and Friends Only.

NOTE: Monday evening ZOOM ID: 816 7490 5413 with password 290 423. Wednesday evening ZOOM ID: 843 3092 7435 with password 371 022.

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