Meeting Codes
Wheelchair Accessible
12/12/1212 Steps/12 Traditions/12 Concepts
AACAl-Anon Adult Children Meetings
ATAlateen (ages 13-19)
BTBBack to Basics (Steps 1, 2 & 3)
CANDCandlelight Meeting (Late Night)
DDiscussion Meeting
FAFamily Afterward
(Al-Anon & AA)
GCGroup Conscience
JMJoint Men (Al-Anon & AA)
JWJoint Women (Al-Anon & AA)
LLiterature Discussion
LWSLiving with Sobriety
MENMen's Stag Meeting
NCNewcomer Meeting
PTPre-Teen Alateen (ages 7-12)
RRelationships Meeting
SPSpeaker Meeting
SSStep Study Meeting
SSPStep Study Speaker Meeting
TRADTraditions Meeting
WSGWomen's Stag Meeting
YPYoung People's Meeting